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As a student at A F International, you have access to faculty and administrative staff for academic, personal and immigration advising.


Academic, Personal, and Immigration Advising: We assist you in academic, personal , and SEVIS-related matters. When you need advice regarding your transfer or college/university options, we can help. If you experience personal problems which require professional counseling, we will refer you to the appropriate agencies. A Principal Designated School Official (PDSO) or a Designated School Official (DSO) is available during school hours for assistance with visas, academic advising and recommendations pertaining to termination, all immigration rules and regulations.

Pre-Arrival Advising: Before you make travel plans, before you schedule your visa interview appointment, you will find helpful hints provided in our pre-arrival advising page.

Initial Orientation: On your first day at AFI, you will receive an orientation, take a placement test, register for classes, and purchase textbooks. During the initial orientation, you will receive information regarding the following:

  • Introduction to "My AFI" - the AFI Student Portal

  • General information about number of levels, sessions, schedule, assessment, and academic calendar with social events, potlucks, and game days

  • Information bout maintaining your SEVIS status and attendance policy

After the placement test, you will receive your textbooks and the class syllabus. Then you will meet your teacher and your classmates, and you are ready to start your studies at AFI.

Level Orientation: At the beginning and the middle of each level, your teacher will review the main points of the initial orientation with you, including assessment, events, and goals of the level.

One-on-One Orientation: Your instructor will meet with you several times during a level to discuss your academic progress in teacher-student conferences. You can schedule individual conferences at any time during your study period. With our Open Door policy, your teachers and the staff are always available to answer any questions you may have.

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